Dear Southern Region,

All roads lead to Huntsville, Alabama! At least from June 18th-June 22nd that will be the destination of the Southern Region of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. I am looking forward to seeing all of you there. The headquarters hotel will be the Holiday Inn Research Park, Huntsville, Alabama. The pastors and people of Huntsville are working together to make our visit a pleasant one. In a special way I want to thank Rev. T.C. Johnson, pastor of the St. Luke Baptist Church, Dr. Ricky Sykes, pastor of the New Jerusalem Baptist Church (who has served as my liaison), and Sister Jeri Jamar, who has admirably handled the arrangements and worked with Sister Sharon Williams in dealing with the programmatic aspects of the week. If you have not yet given to them the information that they need, please do so immediately!

I need to offer, at this point, an apology and a word of thanks. The apology is for my being somewhat out of touch with the good people in Huntsville and with you as I normally am via e-mails and in other ways. The unexpected death of my daughter, Crystal, caused many priorities and activities to be shifted. The thanks is for the outpouring of love and support that my family and I experienced and continue to experience from our Southern Region Family surrounding Crystal's homegoing. The Southern Region was well represented at the service in celebration of her life, and this was exceedingly uplifting to the Harris Family. We received and continue to receive telephone calls, cards, plants, gifts, and other expressions of condolences from throughout the Region. To say, "Thank You!" seems so inadequate, but this expression of gratitude comes from our hearts. Know that we love you and appreciate you. Please continue to remember us in your prayers.

We anticipate having a week filled with an exceptional Congress, a marvelous banquet, excellent preaching, meaningful meetings, informative plenary sessions, warm fellowship, and all of the activities that make for a good Annual Session. Plan now to make your reservations! Plan now to pre-register! Plan now to secure your banquet tickets! Plan now to publicize our Annual Session throughout the Southern Region! Lift up our Southern Region Family in prayer! Lift up our Annual Session in prayer! Your prayers, our planning, and the power of the Holy Spirit will ensure a wonderful week!

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